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May 15, 2022

6 Simple Steps to Buying a House

Buying Homes in Prescott

Buying a home is a considerable investment. Before you jump into the beautiful world of homeownership, make sure you are prepared with these six steps:

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April 15, 2022

4 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Buying Your First HomeLooking to Buy a Home in Prescott, Arizona?

Prescott, Arizona, is a popular place to call home. It has been named one of the top ten places to retire in America! 


Buying a home can be exciting and scary all at the same time, especially for first-time homebuyers. Here are some steps that can be taken to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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March 15, 2022

Adding an Independent Living Area to Your Home

It wasn't uncommon to have multiple generations living in the same home years ago. In today's market, many households are going back to having multi-generational homes. Aging parents are moving back in with their kids, and college students are moving back after graduation. 

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Feb. 15, 2022

10 Home Repairs To Sell Your Home Fast


When preparing your home for sale, it is important to remove 'issues' that can make a buyer think twice about your asking price. Below is are some valuable repairs that can be done to your home that will help you sell your home faster and for more money. 

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Jan. 15, 2022

10 Tips To Get The Best Mortgage Interest Rate

After finding the perfect house and negotiating to get within your target budget, now you need to secure the best financing possible. MSN has compiled the "10 Tips to Secure the Best Interest Rate on your Mortgage" in a recent article. 

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Dec. 15, 2021

Changing Jobs and the Effects it has on Buying a Home

Buying a home Changing job

For most people, changing employers will not impact the ability to qualify for a mortgage loan, especially if you will be earning more money. However, for some homebuyers, the effects of changing jobs can spell disaster when it comes to your loan application. Make sure you discuss in great detail with your lender and know ahead of time what implications any change in your employment might arise during your home buying experience and what its impact could be. Always be armed with the best knowledge, and you will stay on the right track.

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Nov. 15, 2021

Think Twice Before You Do 'For Sale By Owner'

Homes for sale by owner

Homes that are "For Sale by Owner" or FSBO, are usually favorably looked upon because homeowners want to maximize their profits by not having to pay commission. However, this does not always ring true.

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Oct. 15, 2021

Seniors Can Save Money

Senior discount in Prescott


Saving money, whether it is when buying a home or saving money on daily purchases, is a common goal for many of us, especially seniors. Fortunately for Prescott residents, there is an added benefit to living in “Everybody’s Hometown”, there are senior discounts everywhere! Below is a list of businesses and restaurants in the greater Prescott area that offer discounts to Seniors.

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Sept. 15, 2021

Tips for Seeking Satisfaction with Your Lender


Homebuyers often do not realize how complex and competitive the lending process can be. For many (especially first-time buyers) there’s only a hazy idea of “the bank” approving or denying them a mortgage. So many don’t understand how to shop for a loan or that investing a little time upfront can result in profound savings and a sense of satisfaction.


A recent article in the Wall Street Journal recently revealed “in a recent survey, 21% of home buyers regretted their choice of lender.” Among first-time buyers, that figure crept up to 27%.

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Aug. 15, 2021

Curb Appeal is a Plus When Selling Your Home


Curb appeal is an essential item to consider when selling your home. It has been reported that adding curb appeal to a home can increase the value by $10,000 to $15,000. Curb appeal mainly focuses on landscaping and the house's overall appearance, but focusing on details and the little stuff can add to the home's overall feel.

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