The key to a successful home sale is in the details of the home when buyers are viewing the home. Lots of everyday wear and tear that you don’t even notice can ding your home in the eyes of potential buyers. Here’s a list of ten simple improvements you can do to help your home sell faster:

Spruce up your Baseboards

Pets, kids, and stumbling husbands in the dark can make a mess of your baseboards. Repainting baseboards after repairing scratches with putty can make the border of any room look new.

Fill in Nail Holes

Part of interior repainting should be careful attention to those errant nail holes from pictures, shelves, and other wall-mounted baubles. Putty, smooth, sand and paint!

Sniff for Smokers

Filter replacement is a must if someone’s been puffing in your home. Also wash down those walls, prime them to seal in any cooked-in nicotine, and repaint. Be sure to check entryways and lawns for cigarette butts, too!

Review the Roof

Do you have missing singles? Broken tiles? Is mold and moss sprouting up there? Do some cleaning and spot replacing.

Reinforce your Gutters

Clean them out, dry them out, then caulk them to prevent leaks. This will keep water off the siding, reducing staining and damage.

Replace bad Vinyl Floors

Not only are they tacky when they’re cracked or cut, but they can suggest water damage to buyers.

Repair Dripping Faucets

Buyers will turn faucets on and off. What will they find? If your sinks and baths dribble, fix them before buyers imagine their future headache.

Tune up Screens

Did you have a dog that liked to lean against the front door? Look for the sagging, hanging, bent, and bubbling screens, especially around doors. New screens look clean. Old screens suggest neglect.

Patch Cabinet Scratches

Tibet Almond Stick, Old English Scratch Cover, or even some artful re-staining can make cabinets seem new. Remember to polish them up when you’re done!

Reseal Wobbly Toilets

If the bowl moves when you sit on it, the bolts are rusted, or the bathroom floor is damp and discolored around the commode, replace the toilet or at the very least reseal it.

Having your home in top sale shape will give you a competitive edge in the real estate market.  If you need help getting your Prescott home ready to sell, contact Tim Anderson with BloomTree at (928) 308-9595.