Want to sell your home faster? Lots of everyday wear and tear that you don’t even notice can ding your home in the eyes of potential buyers. Here’s my list of ten simple improvements you can make to help your home sell faster:

  1. Fix any dings, scratches, or chipped paint. Fixing chipped paint is an easy and inexpensive way to make your home look well maintained. Pay attention to nail holes from pictures, shelves, and other wall-mounted baubles. 
  2. Get rid of odors. If you have pets, thoroughly clean all areas they frequent and use air fresheners or candles to help neutralize any lingering smells. If you are a smoker, wash down those walls, prime them to seal in any cooked-in nicotine, and repaint. Be sure to check entryways and lawns for cigarette butts, too!
  3. Repair dripping faucets and reseal wobbly toilets. Dripping faucets and running toilets can be a sign of neglect to potential buyers. Make sure everything is in good working order before listing your home.
  4. Clean the windows, inside and out. Sparkling clean windows will make your home look brighter and more inviting from the outside. Don’t forget to wipe down all window sills and ledges too!
  5. Clear clutter from every room. Buyers want to see your home, not your stuff. Remove any personal items like family photos, collections, or knick-knacks. You might even want to consider renting a storage unit to store some of your things while your home is on the market.
  6. Patch cabinet scratches. Make your kitchen look more updated and fresh by taking the time to sand them down and repaint or re-stain them. 
  7. Replace old hardware. Another simple update for your kitchen (or any room with dated hardware) is to replace drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. This is a quick and easy way to give your space an instant facelift.
  8. Shampoo carpets, and clean all floors. If your carpets look dingy, it’s time for a good deep cleaning. Be sure also to mop all hard floors and vacuum any areas with hardwood or tile. Along with this, replace bad vinyl floors.
  9. Review the roof. Do you have missing shingles? Broken tiles? Are mold and moss sprouting up there? Do some cleaning and spot replacing.
  10. Spruce up your baseboards. Many people forget about baseboards when cleaning their homes, but they can make a big difference in the overall look of a space. Wipe them down and repaint any that are looking scuffed up.


These are just a few simple things you can do to help your home sell faster. By taking the time to address these issues, you’ll be well on your way to getting top dollar for your home. Good luck!


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Tim Anderson

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