Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Below are a few ideas for quick gifts that will make a hit this gift-giving season.

Our family enjoys giving baked goods to friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  We put a little twist on this tradition by presenting the goodies in or on something other than the conventional decorative paper plate.  Whenever possible, we deliver our food items using a container that the recipient can use for another purpose.  Decorative cereal bowls can be placed on top of a candlestick to make an adorable bowl for candies, and they are incredibly simple to make.  First, find a decorative bowl and a candlestick that complement one another. Position the bowl on top of the candle holder, and glue it in place with clear Liquid Nails.  (Try to center the candlestick to ensure your bowl will be balanced.)  Then, fill the bowl with goodies and wrap it with plastic wrap.  Cake pedestals can also be made the same way to present your baked goods. These make a pretty presentation, and the recipient can enjoy using the pedestal bowl or plate over and over again.

Presenting cookies in a unique manner will also be a hit with the gift recipient.  One idea is to use a dustpan to hold your cookies.  Wrap the pan of food with plastic wrap and decorate it with ribbon and a gift tag that says, “We believe in the Five Second Rule – Merry Christmas!”   For round baked goods, such as snowballs or peanut butter balls, place them in an egg carton that has the lid cut off.  Wrap the carton in plastic and dress it up with a bow.

It is also fun to dehydrate food and use it for Potpourri.  The easiest part of this gift is the flexibility of ingredients.  You can add more or less of different ingredients based on what is on hand or on sale.  Our favorite is drying oranges, lemons, and apple slices.  Place the dried fruit in a baggie with a couple of cinnamon sticks, a bay leaf, whole cloves, tablespoon of nutmeg, and a couple tablespoons of allspice.  Then, attach a personalized tag on top of the bag that says, “Christmas Potpourri.  Add water and heat over stovetop”.  This is very economical and adorable at the same time.

Happy gift giving!

Tim Anderson REALTOR®

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