Check Out Your Neighborhood

When purchasing a home, it is important to get an accurate feel for a neighborhood.  In addition to checking the crime rates and do online research about schools and local events, it is helpful to talk to the neighbors.

Below are tips from on questions you should ask potential neighbors.

“Most people are willing to talk with prospective buyers,” says Randy Rabney, co-CEO of the Lichtman-Rabney Group in Maplewood, New Jersey. “If you see a neighbor outside, just politely approach them, tell them you are considering buying the house for sale on the street, and ask if they mind answering a couple of questions. I have never seen a person refuse.”

Not sure what to ask? Here are five insightful questions that will help you glean some useful info.

1. 'How would you describe the area, and what it's like living here?'

2. 'If you could change anything at all about the neighborhood, what would it be?'

3. 'Do particular schools have a reputation for being strong or weak in a certain area?'

4. 'How do people like to socialize in the neighborhood?'

5. 'Is there anything that I should be aware of with this property?'

Read full article here for more information on how to ask the questions, process the replies, and typical responses you may receive when researching potential neighborhoods.

Curious about Prescott Neighborhoods?

We have provided information on Prescott subdivisions and neighborhoods as well as a current list homes for sale.

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