When preparing your home for sale, it is important to remove 'issues' that can make a buyer think twice about your asking price. Below is are some valuable repairs that can be done to your home that will help you sell your home faster and for more money. 

  1. Paint Colors That Don't Blend In: The color of your home is one of the first things a buyer will notice. If it's a very different color from your neighborhood or general area, you should paint it something more innocuous. Inside the home, stick with 1-2 neutral colors throughout.

  2. Front Door That's Not Inviting: The front door invites potential buyers into your home. Don't let chipped paint or faulty hardware create a bad impression of your home. Update the hardware, clean off all dirt and grime, and add a fresh paint coat to the exterior. If your door is beyond repair and needs replaced, take advantage of the opportunity to update your home with a style that matches today's styles.

  3. A Broken Doorbell:  A sign of a well-maintained home is a doorbell that works with a friendly, crisp chime.

  4. Tattered Window and Door Screens:  Are your window screens flapping in the wind? Here is a video that will quickly show you how to replace screens on your windows.

  5. Depressing Landscaping: Buyers will notice everything—the trees, the grass, the rock pathway, and the plants out front.

  6. Unpleasant Smells: Nobody wants to buy a house and immediately tear up the carpet and repaint because of cigarette or pet odor. 

  7. Poor Lighting: Replace harsh lights with bulbs that have a softer glow.

  8. Squeaky Hinges:  If your doors and drawers creak, a simple lubrication of the hinges will work wonders.

  9. Dirty Carpeting: Dirty carpet is a HUGE turnoff. Get it professionally cleaned, or if overly worn, get it replaced.

  10. An Outdated Kitchen: Completely renovating a kitchen can get real expensive, real fast. Keep it simple by adding a fresh coat of paint.


These upgrades can help your home stand out from sellers.


Tim Anderson with Better Homes and Gardens BloomTree Realty is an expert on Prescott area real estate. Tim uses his over 40 years of experience to assist you in preparing your home for sale as well as give you an honest valuation of your home


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