Curb appeal is an essential item to consider when selling your home. It has been reported that adding curb appeal to a home can increase the value by $10,000 to $15,000. Curb appeal mainly focuses on landscaping and the house's overall appearance, but focusing on details and the little stuff can add to the home's overall feel.


Below are ten items that would help improve your curb appeal to sell your home quickly.


  1. Bust clutter: Remove bikes, skateboards, trash cans, garden tools and reduce the amount of outdoor furniture.
  2. Freshen the entry: Clean the front door and give it a couple of coats of paint.
  3. Add front-door color: A bright note of contrasting color can bring a home's front door to life.
  4. Repaint the exterior: Repainting the outside of your home isn't a low-budget option, although a new coat of paint seriously pumps up curb appeal.
  5. Paint trim: If you can't paint the entire home, paint the trim — or just the window trim — in an accent color.
  6. Replace entry fixtures: New exterior light fixtures can quickly give a home an updated look.
  7. Power wash: Rent a power washer if you don't own one and clean the decks, carport, and pavement.
  8. Clean the windows: Clean windows are a must, don't put your home on the market without sparkling windows, inside and out.
  9. Clean and repair the roof: If your roof has moss, weeds or mold, clean it until it looks great from the street. Replace missing or broken shakes or tiles. Clean the gutters.
  10. Mow, weed, and trim: Keep the lawn carefully mowed. Mow neglected and overgrown areas. Prune trees and remove limbs that hang over the house.


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