Have you been living in a single-bathroom home? Is it time to consider adding a full bathroom or "water closet" to your existing layout? An extra bathroom will not only boost your quality of life in your home, but it will also, with rare exceptions, create equity when you list your house in the future. The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your home, and it can profoundly impact how prospective buyers see your home in the future. 


Here are tips to consider when adding a bathroom to your home:


  1. Plan the Location: Carefully consider where you will locate the new bathroom. You'll want to identify where your existing water and waste lines are in the home—adding a bathroom across the house ups the complexity and expense. 
  2. Tubs Add Value: Tubs and showers add to the value of your home, but if you have the space, a tub can add value, especially if you suspect future buyers might have children.
  3. Choose Your Fixtures & Material: When choosing the materials for your bathroom, don't skimp. Investing in quality floors, showers, and finishes will mean fewer problems down the road and more satisfaction now.
  4. Ventilation: Remember ventilation! It's essential for the health of your bathroom, so be sure to factor in an exhaust fan or window.
  5. Lighting: Natural light is best, but if you don't have a plentiful supply of natural light, you may want to add some artificial light sources, such as pendants or sconces, depending on the size and design of your bathroom.


As mentioned, if you are looking at listing your home, money put into an additional bathroom is a wise investment. As reported in an article by CreditKarma, a midrange bathroom remodel will create a "60% return on average cost of more than $24,000." While not everyone has that renovation budget, that is okay! Any investment in your bathroom can help boost your home's value. 



If adding a bathroom sounds like more hassle than it's worth, consider your next move! I'd happily help you find a home with your dream bathroom already included!