Protect your home while on vacation

Fall break is just around the corner, which may mean a family vacation! Unfortunately, in the run-up to a vacation, people often neglect to take simple steps to protect themselves from becoming victims of theft or vandalism. Here are a few safety tips to keep your home and possessions safe while you're gone. 

  1. Mail and Newspapers: One of the first things a burglar will check for is a pile of uncollected mail or newspapers. Arrange to have a friend or neighbor collect your mail and newspaper daily, or put a hold on delivery with the post office.
  2. Leave Shades and Blinds in Normal Positions: If you usually leave your shades and blinds open, continue to do so while you're gone. If they're usually closed, leave them shut. A change in pattern will tip off potential burglars that no one is home.
  3. Don't Broadcast Your Absence on Social Media: It may be tempting to post pictures of your fabulous vacation on social media, but resist the urge! You never know who might be watching, and you don't want to give burglars a heads-up that your home is unoccupied.
  4. Put Lamps on Timers: One of the easiest ways to make it look like someone is home is to put lamps on timers. That way, even if you're gone for several days, there will still be a light on in your house at different times of day.
  5. Turn off Home's Water Main: To prevent potential damage from a burst pipe or other water-related mishap, turn off your home's water main before leaving.
  6. Make Sure Doors and Windows are Locked: Before leaving, walk through your house and ensure all doors and windows are locked. It may seem like an obvious step, but it's one that's often overlooked.
  7. Trash on Garbage Day: Another way to make it look like someone is home is to have a friend or neighbor leave trash at your curb on garbage collection day. This will give the impression that someone is coming and going from your house regularly.
  8. Leave a Key to Trusted Neighbor: In case of an emergency, it's a good idea to leave a key to your house with a trusted neighbor or friend. That way, they can get in if there's a problem while you're away.
  9. Landscape Maintenance: On extended trips, have someone to maintain your landscaping (grass mowed, leaves raked, etc.) This makes it appear that your home is being lived in and cared for.

Follow these simple tips, and you can relax knowing your home is well-protected in your absence. Be safe, and enjoy your vacation.


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